Polly Tyrer - Food Development
Polly Tyrer - Food Writer, Consultant and Teacher
Polly has over 20 years of experience in the food industry, has published 6 cookery books and is dedicated to using fresh local ingredients in all of her dishes.
Starting the test and development kitchen of a large food manufacturer, Polly soon beacame the Vice Principal of Leith's School of Food and Wine. Having spent three years developing the school with Caroline Waldegrave she moved on to become Head Chef and then Managing Director of Leith's Good Food.
Seven years later Polly took Leith's Good Food to the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong and set up the company's contract with the Orient Express.
Polly spent some time in Andalucia and California adding depth to her culinary knowledge which is reflected in her creative and written work.
Six successfully published books including, the well reviewed Leith's Vegetarian Bible which reached number four in the best sellers over Christmas in 2002, places Polly at the leading edge of food development and she now spends her time promoting food from British producers and teaching adults and children how to cook simple healthy food.